Shamima Begum loses latest appeal over citizenship

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the Court of Appeal rules, it’s usually the end of a matter.

Its role is to
review how the lower court took a decision and whether it properly applied the
law to the evidence and questions.

So, for Shamima Begum, a core question for
the Court of Appeal is whether lower court correctly decided the Home Secretary
had acted reasonably, and within his powers, when he deprived her of

the Court of Appeal exposes a genuinely thorny new legal problem – usually
something that’s never come up before.

where the Supreme Court comes in.

It looks at cases which need to clarify what
the law means – so the loser today would have to show there’s a “point of law
of general public importance” which needs to be solved.

In the Begum case it
could be, speaking hypothetically, a question about how to balance national
security and protections for victims of sexual trafficking.

about the European Court of Human Rights? It only gets involved in a British
case very rarely and on very specific grounds.

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