Garmin Lily Smartwatch – A Combination of Pretty Face and Striking Features

Garmin Lily

A Combination of Pretty Face and Striking Features – Garmin Lily Smartwatch

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 The Garmin Lily is a beautiful smartwatch made especially for women, by wonderful women. The smartwatch has a delicate profile, an attractive display, and a slimmer band compared to other previous designs of the Garmin. Amazingly, the company has introduced female-focused attributes into the smartwatch. So expect to see some great tools on a modern smartwatch at a fair price.

The Lily is all about style and features that appeal to the customers who buy this watch. This is a lightweight and small watch with a blast of functions. That’s what makes it refreshing against the masculine, bulkier smartwatches.

Round Clock Face with a Distinct Design

 The Lily Garmin, despite being made specifically for women, does not shake hands with the stereotyping of girls liking pink. Instead, it is designed in such a way that it looks completely different from all previous boring and masculine smartwatches by Garmin.

Lily Garmin comes in two designs:

Both Lily Sport and Lily Classic come in 3 color options including soft pastels and neutral colors. The smartwatch features a small 14mm strap and 34mm case, which makes it the smallest orthodox smartwatch in history. The straps can also be swapped for other options, however, bought separately. Lily, compared to other fitness trackers is a lot narrower and shorter, which makes it so comfortable to wear.

 Lily has a bright, vivid TFT LCD interface. The designers of Lily have smartly used 16-shade monochrome patterns, with a unique palette for indicating and distinguishing the on-screen apps.

Also, you can select the well-designed display from a number of options in the settings of the smartwatch. The display is attractive containing a metallic pattern even when the smartwatch is not in use. This makes it look like a piece of gorgeous jewelry on your wrist.

Garmin Lily
Garmin Lily

Lily is water-resistance with a 5 ATM rating, which means it can be used while showering or swimming. If you look for a specific swim smartwatch go here: Why Buy Garmin Swim 2 Smartwatch? Honest Review

Smart Features

You can choose from an assortment of widgets available with a swipe and tap of the watch screen. Notifications can be dismissed or checked by simply swiping them down as they appear with haptic feedback. Swiping down opens the settings, alarm, DND mode, Find My Phone, and music player as well.

At the bottom of the display, there’s the menu button that allows you to track activity, and when you swipe that right or left, you will find the health stats, hydration widget, and menstrual cycle tracker. Lily is a big step forward in terms of the health of women, by adding a period tracker and pregnancy tracker to the app.

The Lily smartwatch is like having your mobile with you at all times as you can control music playout using Lily on your phone. Fortunately, Lily can also measure light, REM, or deep sleep throughout the night, you will see the report in the morning. Not just that but it checks your SpO2 levels with the help of a pulse oximeter, and sends you heart rate notifications as well. So when Lily detects the heart rate to be high, it will show you a 5-minute breathing workout to lower it.

Lily offers seven-timed exercises that cover each and every basic activity. You can choose from outdoor or indoor running, cycling, cardio, swimming, walking, jogging, and strength training. It can store the tracking data for about 2 weeks, and your workout sessions will be synced automatically if your internet connection is on. There’s another feature, Live track that lets your friends and family see your location when you are not at home. It creates a map so that your emergency contact can reach out to you in emergencies with the help of Garmin Connect on their phones.

Battery Health

 The battery life lasts for 5 whole days once charged to 100%. However, with the use of the Move IQ gesture recognition along with blood oxygen levels activation at night, it shortens the battery time.

Companion application

Garmin Connect is the most valuable part of Garmin. It is a feature-induced fitness application giving out regular updates and details of the activities to the customer. Pairing Garmin Connect with Lily is quite easy: simply install the application in your smartwatch and sign up for an account. Then select “Garmin Devices” and act as per instructions, enter the PIN code on the screen when asked. That’s it.

You can also wear Lily every day as a traditional smartwatch for workout tracking as Garmin Connect works so nicely to handle all of your health stats; simply pick your primary device, so the app can collect data from each one of them in the dashboard.

The best thing about Garmin Connect and Lily is that you don’t have to pay subscription fees to obtain advanced elements. All your biometric, as well as historic data, is available in it, so you can monitor the data for trends and make your lifestyle adjustments accordingly.

With that, you get a free range of exercises to follow. Simply press the “training” button, choose “Workouts”, and tap “Find a workout” to have an exclusive catalog of unique alternatives that will help you in accomplishing your goals. You can also filter by difficulty levels, muscle group, goals, activity, and time duration.

Garmin Lily Dark Purple
Garmin Lily Dark Purple

Violet shade. Patterned interface, colorful case, and slimmer straps: The Garmin Lily is, without any doubt, appealing to those who think conventional smartwatches are bulky and dark. With a smartwatch designed specifically keeping women in mind, Garmin has succeeded in designing a great product. The Lily is easily noticeable from other smartwatches in the market because of its visualization, and support for a healthy lifestyle.

So if you are put off by large smartwatches before, then the Garmin Lily is the escape for you. For the fact that it is a competent smartwatch that gives out the substance and style to the wearer. It is perfect for those who have never had a sports watch before, or for someone who is looking for a change from a primitive fitness watch. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR GARMIN LILY!

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